Sharing My Reality - Q+A Session ($100):
A detailed presentation on my trauma, my un-linear path & successes and healing with the earth. Q + A session will allow listners to ask clarifying questions and ask for advice.  
Through sharing my story I hope to empower and inspire the listeners. 


Plants, Food & Art Workshop
Through transplanting, eating and creating nature based art, participants will learn and experience the inter-connectedness of plants, food and art. 

Transplanting/Propagating Workshop – Kitchen Garden
Learn how to propagate and transplant to create a beautiful kitchen garden for your home. All supplies provided.

Bundle Making Workshop for Children or Adults
With herbs grown fresh from the earth children/adults will learn how to experience herbs through all the senses and  historical/spiritual significance of bundles.

Herbal/Flower Mandala Workshop for Children or Adults
Using herbs and other available plant life, adults/children learn what a mandala is and create one from plant life.  

Art History and Ecology Workshop ($150):
A presentation on how essential Art is to Ecological history. Participants will learn how these two subjects need each other for us to know what we know of the world today.

Plant Print Making for Children or Adults ($100):
With an assortment of plant life, we will learn the spiritual meaning of each plant and create prints with them. This picture will represent healing. 

Earth Love Workshop ($100):
Do you love the earth? Does the earth love you? In this conversation based work shop we will indulge in these questions and other activities to find the answer.


Farm Services

Farm Crew Member ($12/hr)
Helps head farmer harvest for markets, works weekend markets, weekly weeding, watering shifts, and weekly transplanting. 

CSA Manager ($15/hr): 
Crafts CSA emails, keeps CSA members updated, helps recruit CSA Memembers, reminds members when/where to pick up CSA, and helps with CSA plantings & harvesting.

Greenhouse Manager/Caretaker ($20/hr): 
Seeds & transplants all greenhouse plants, daily watering shifts, inventory for greenhouse, weekly weeding, prepares raised beds, transplants from greenhouse to ground, prepares greenhouse plants for markets, sources organic seeds,  and sources nursery starts. 

Backyard/Lawn Consultation + Help ($25/hr ): 
Helps families turn their lawns/backyards into farms or ornamental gardens (or both), and sources organic seeds orders, sources nursery starts.

Greenhouse Creation ($25/hr): 
Helps farmers or families create greenhouse(s) on their lawn/backyard/land. Demonstrates how to use a greenhouse, grow starts from seed, transplant into the ground, and water. If needed will partake in weekly weeding, weekly inventory, sourcing organic seeds and sourcing nursery starts.

Farm/Land Consultation + Help ($30/hr): 
Helps orient farmers who have just bought land. Explores best options for their land, where to start, what to do first, how to prepare soil, permaculture/food forest designing, etc.