"I am here to bring people to their mothers; 
either by helping them connect with the earth or by telling them my story."

--- Amber Tamm Canty

About me:
I'm Amber Tamm Canty. I am a Brooklyn women currently residing in Nothern California. 
I identify as a young, black, women farmer and a nature based educator. My work is to guide communities near and far, especially low income and communities of color, to grow food and empower the youth through direct engagement with the earth. I have been farming for the last 2 years. My previous experiences are all rooted in art & museum education. I offer a common ground for art, food, plants and healing.

Aside from my personal work, I am a co-founder to the up & coming land Echo Treee.

My Story:
As a young girl in Brooklyn, I always craved more nature in my life and as I grew up I never found any opportunities to be in nature. 3 years ago my father murdered my mother and I didn’t talk for 2 months. Towards the end of the 2nd month, I finally went outside and bought $1000 worth of plants at the flower district in Manhattan,NY. It was at this very moment that I found my voice, my passion and my future. It was then that I declared that I would not spend my life in an office setting, surrounded by 4 walls but instead immersed in nature. My life is a testament of the strong, healing power of mother earth. 

My Guiding Principles:
Through the soil we get to the soul – When our intention is to heal the earth, in turn the earth heals us.

Interdisciplinary learning is powerful. - Through interdisciplnary learning I will facilitate all my work shops on farming, food, art & healing and how they thrive because of each other.

The real revolution is in land, the real revolution is food - When land is secured, food is secured. Both are needed in order for future generations to thrive.

The youth need to see more young farmers in the flesh - The youth need to know that farmers are important and being a farmer is just as influential as any other job. Through young farmer visability we can inspire and give the youth the knowledge to grow food & live in tune with the earth.

Healing & inspiration can be ignited in people through hearing my story -My life is filled with un-lineaer successes. Because of the pathway I had to take to get into farming, I have gained success in  a way that is not similar to my peers. I am here to share my story, to inpsire people to heal with the earth, and to show that happiness is attainable.